The Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative envisions prosperous family farms, healthy soils, clean water, and vibrant communities.
Contact any of the members listed here for services and resources that will help you to implement and demonstrate the economic benefits of practices that protect and improve soil health and water quality.

The best resource is reaching out to one of our many partners. See below to contact!

CFS Central Advantage

Central Advantage GS is focused on helping farmer members succeed by leading the way in precision agriculture technology application. Our team of Data Specialists create field specific recommendations and prescriptions for enrolled members that improve farm profit and environmental sustainability.

Contact: Sienna Held, Precision Agronomy Specialist, (507) 412-7153

Rice County Soil and water Conservation District

“Leading and Promoting Conservation of Natural Resources”. We work with rural and urban areas to provide technical, financial and educational assistance to residents for the management of soil erosion, and to promote changes that improve water quality.

Contact: Steven Pahs, District Manager, (507) 332-5408

Steele County Soil and Water Conservation District

The goal of the Steele County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is to assist in the conservation, development and productive use of soil and water resources so all people may enjoy them now and in the future. We provide assistance with conservation practices, drainage systems, wetland restorations, native prairie establishment, Reinvest in Minnesota Conservation Easement Programs, the Cannon River One Watershed One Plan and the Wetland Conservation Act.

Contact: Eric Gulbransen, District Manager, (507) 451-6730

Clean River Partners

CRP is a non-profit organization that partners with farmers, other non-profits, universities, and government agencies to implement rural and urban soil and water conservation practices. Currently, CRP provides cost-share funding, researches, and does outreach for numerous clean water projects across SE Minnesota.

Contact: Alan Kraus, CRP Conservation Program Manager, (507) 786-3913 x3

Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (CRWJPO)

Fourteen local units of government work together under the CRWJPO to coordinate and implement a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. This Plan identifies priority areas for project implementation over the next 10 years. Among the priority areas identified in the CRWJPO Watershed Plan, the Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative will focus on the Prairie Creek, Rush Creek and Medford Creek sub-watersheds.

Contact: Rice SWCD,

Compeer Financial LLC

Compeer Financial is a member-owned Farm Credit cooperative that provides loans, leases, risk management and other financial services to clients throughout 144 counties in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Compeer Financial is the third largest cooperative of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of lending institutions supporting agriculture and rural communities with reliable, consistent credit and financial services.

Contact: Mark Purfeerst, Financial Officer, (507) 649-1766

Truterra, LLC

Truterra, LLC is a leading conservation solutions provider, advancing stewardship efforts throughout the food system – from farmers to ag retailers to partners like food companies. Working with farmers and ag retailers, we harness technology and innovation to drive productivity, economics, and environmental stewardship. Our TruterraTM Insights Engine is a first-of-its-kind technology platform that measures sustainability, in real time, at the sub-field level. The platform creates a framework for continuous improvement while also benchmarking yield and profitability – ensuring customized and scalable on-farm conservation solutions. Join CFS and Truterra, LLC to take advantage of this farmer-owned platform.

Contact: Spencer Herbert, Precision Conservation Specialist, (712) 330-4678

Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP)

MAWQCP is a free service for farmers to obtain personalized assistance and access exclusive funding to reduce water quality risks on their farms. From the date of certification, farmers are assured compliance with all new water quality regulations for 10 years. This voluntary program enhances farm profitability and protects and restores water and soil resources.

Contacts: Brad Jordahl Redlin, Program Manager, (651) 201-6489
Bill Fitzgerald, Field Operations, (651) 201-6159

University of Minnesota Extension

University of Minnesota Extension connects community needs and University resources to address critical issues in Minnesota. The University of Minnesota water resources team brings university research and education to address our various water issues. This includes urban stormwater, shoreland, and watershed management, in an addition to agriculture's impacts on water. Through nutrient management and Extension's soil health education, agricultural producers learn to maximize yield while minimizing impacts on water resources.

Contacts: Gregory Klinger, Agricultural Water Quality Protection, (507) 536-6300
Claire LaCanne, Ag Production Systems Rice & Steele Counties, (507) 332-6165

Great River Greening

Great River Greening inspires, engages, and leads local communities in conserving and caring for the land and water that enrich our lives. We focus our work in locations and on activities that offer conservation impact, ecosystem services, and community benefits.

Contact: Brad Gordon, Southern MN Program Manager, (651) 272-3391